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Šarūnas Putrius, TELESOFTAS vadovas. ISM Executive MBA programos studentas
Studies give you energy: when you return home after lectures, you want to act, progress and make changes. I know I will miss this feeling very much after completing my studies, just like I will miss the constant inspiration, ideas and support
Šarūnas Putrius
TELESOFT CEO. ISM Executive MBA student

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Modestas Ancius,„Baltneta“ generalinis direktorius
Studies in our organization are important as a means of developing the competence of managers and raising motivation. Each manager takes away his own from the studies. For some it is new acquaintances and sharing of experience, for others it is self-knowledge, for others it is deepened professional knowledge or acquired new competence. Is executive studies something that will add value to you and pay for itself? It depends on how you manage to use it. We are happy that the investment is paying off.
Modestas Ancius
"Baltneta" CEO

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We appreciate the long-term international cooperation with the world's leading universities. International partnerships pave our way to remarkable results in science and research.
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Considering studies at ISM?

Sign up for a personal consultation and we will help you choose the most suitable study program.
Alvyda Želienė, vidinės lyderystės akademijos projektų vadovė
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