Executive MBA

A year-long top-level executive journey with world-class lecturers.
Rūta Bagdonavičienė, „Limedika
I am proud of myself for accepting the challenge of studying Executive MBA. During the one-year journey, there were positive changes, both personal and professional. I became a better manager and a better person.
Rūta Bagdonavičienė
„Limedika" CEO.
Alumnus of the ISM Executive MBA program
Rūta Bagdonavičienė, „Limedika
An Executive MBA is a luxury time for you and your organization to step back and focus on internal development and organizational transformation.
Doc. dr. Audronė Nakrošienė
Director of Executive MBA
Executive MBA studijos yra prabangos laikas sau ir savo organizacijai, kai gali sustoti, atsitraukti ir skirti dėmesio vidiniam tobulėjimui ir organizacijos transformacijai.
Doc. dr. Audronė Nakrošienė
ISM Executive MBA programos direktorė

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The best MBA program in the world (The Economist, 2021)
IESE, Business school, University of Navarra
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Consulting project PAR instead of master's thesis
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Global experience. 90% of teachers are from TOP world business schools
Consulting project PAR instead of master's thesis
Focus on Leadership: Personal Leadership Study, One-on-One Sessions, Tedx-style Talk
Student profile
Average student age
Average managerial experience
Carefully chosen students
1 year
Three days a month
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
1 semester

It provides an opportunity to understand strategy and to develop strategic thinking conceptually.

What You will learn

During the lectures, business case analyses are conducted with foreign lecturers, and in small teams, the managers prepare the Strategy evaluation project of the chosen organization. It aims to develop the ability to make interdisciplinary business decisions to successfully implement the organization's vision, mission and goals using strategic management principles.


A Strategic Assessment of your chosen organization is created by the management team.

1 and 2 semester

To help prepare for a leadership role, nationally and internationally, and in particular, to lead in a multi-stakeholder environment. This study module is designed to stimulate and help implement tangible changes in the behaviour and perception of the study participants as leaders.

What You will learn

The leadership module is based on self-analysis and feedback. In the module, we use non-traditional learning methods such as personal leadership research and individual coaching sessions, feedback from your study mates, a leadership reflection journal and the resulting TEDx-style talk. Thanks to them, you will get to know yourself better as a manager, develop your competencies, gain confidence and learn to lead an organization even more effectively.   

In the module, we aim to create an exceptional environment that encourages sharing personal experiences and learning how to provide and receive feedback from other managers at the same level, which is still a relatively rare phenomenon in a typical business environment. A year-round group of leaders learning together becomes not only students but also each other's teachers, which many describe as an invaluable experience.


Leadership project for your organization.

Corporate Governance
2 semester

This new course is created by the ISM Executive School in partnership with the highly acknowledged EADA Business School in Barcelona. The course is dedicated to CEOs, board members, and executives who seek to become certified board members and gain the newest skills in effective organizational management. The subject covers the latest theory and practical experience and equips executives with a solid framework of corporate governance. We invited top lecturers and experienced board members from world best’s business schools who will teach such topics as “Dealing with Difficult Times”, “Board Evaluation”, “Boardroom dynamics”, “Shareholders and stakeholders” – to name just a few.

What You will learn

Participants will engage in lectures and case studies prepared by the leading business schools – Harvard, INSEAD, and IMD. They will immerse themselves in once in a lifetime experience by studying at EADA Business School, which excellence for executive education is recognized by the Financial Time Executive Education Ranking every year. The course curriculum combines the key principles of corporate governance, compares governance models across different regions, and explores the intersection of ethics, leadership, and social responsibility in governance. While the simulation exercise invites critically analyze what factors affect the board–CEO relationship, what control systems can boards use to ensure the CEO is appropriately focused, or what role can/should the board play to ensure goals are achieved?


Throughout the subject, which is allocated 15 ECTS credits, executives will be able to consider a comprehensive personal action plan to apply corporate governance best practices within their organizations. After completion of the discipline, participants will acquire a Corporate Governance Certificate issued by ISM and EADA, signifying their status as certified experts in the field. Students will participate in a practical board simulation exercise that prepares them to tackle real-world governance challenges with innovative solutions. As a result, they will have up-to-date knowledge of operating models of boards.

Course value:
  • A visit to EADA Business School in Barcelona with lectures, analysis of the business case, and meeting with the selected company’s CEO and TOP executives to exchange experiences. EADA is in the top 25 best business schools in Europe according to Financial Times Rankings 2021
  • A Corporate Governance Certificate issued by two prestigious business schools – ISM and EADA. The Certificate signifies that its holder has expertise in two higher education institutions. The certificate can be used in the selection process for board positions.
  • The course has a consistent and combined structure of theory and practice and covers such topics as “Dealing with Difficult Times”, “Crisis Management”, “Boardroom dynamics”, and “Shareholders and Stakeholders”.
  • A total of 7 days is allocated to learn the course material and engage in practical tasks and simulation. 4 days in Vilnius and 3 days in Barcelona.
Leading change and Innovations
2 semester. Final thesis

Instead of the final master's thesis, an international consulting project, PAR, is taking place to test one's leadership on a global scale and apply the knowledge gained in studies in assessing the challenges of an unfamiliar organization.

What You will learn

Study participants can participate in a business consulting project in Johannesburg and Cape Town (Republic of South Africa). During the visit, students work in DIFFERENT teams AND organizations - together with the leaders of the PAR organization, they clarify the main challenges; TOGETHER with the team, they prepare a change plan, which they present to the organization at the end of the visit.  

This task helps to develop creativity and determine the essence of the problem to make decisions. The knowledge of strategy, business, management, change and innovation management acquired during the year is applied.  

During the consulting project, managers learn to listen and hear other team members, change their reactive behavior to proactive, are able to identify strategic problems in organizations of different sectors and provide them with proposals for change management.



Preparation and presentation of a strategic change plan to managers or the board of an organization operating in PAR.

Consultative project PAR

ISM Scholarship for candidates from the public sector and non-profit organizations

A scholarship of up to 50% is awarded to Business Administration MBA Executives towards the tuition fee of the Master's programme. Candidates applying for a scholarship must complete the scholarship application form HERE and submit it at the same time as registering for the study program https://apply.ism.lt.

GPM discount for studies
Take advantage of the Income Tax discount for studies and get back up to 20% of the tuition fee paid
Financing via the state study fund

Financing of studies under extremely favourable conditions. You will find more about this financing opportunity under extremely favourable conditions HERE

"Early Bird" offer

For those who have submitted the application and signed the study agreement by April 30th, a 10% discount applies.

From February 13 to June 9
Main admissions
From June 19 until November 22
Additional admissions
Admission criteria
In order to study at ISM University, the applicant must meet the following requirements:
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