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Business Process Management

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Išveskite savo organizaciją iš chaoso – šis modulis gali Jums padėti tai padaryti. Išmokite specifikuoti procesus, identifikuoti vertės srautą procese, padidinti efektyvumą ir sukurti harmoningą darbo aplinką.
Indrė Liutkevičienė
Head of Module

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Business Process Management
The objective of the module
The purpose of the module is to provide solid foundations for business process management based on basic methodologies and tools, to provide clarity on how to create a process organization and how to develop it.
Why should you choose this module?
For managers who want to look at their organization from the outside, review the role of the manager, find answers on how to involve people in process improvement and use robots..
Module results
After completing the module, you will be familiar with the most popular methods of process management, know deeply the interconnections of business processes, integration with the company's strategy and indicators.
1 semester
2023 m. autumn
Details about the module
About module
What will you learn?
Main topics
About module

The business process management module program lays a solid foundation for business process management, introduces the main methodologies and tools (Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, BPTrends, Lean, automation, customer perspective and innovation), provides clarity on how to create a process organization and how to develop it. The participants of the module not only learn about the most popular process management methods, but also delve into the interconnections between business processes, integration with the company's strategy and indicators, and also have the opportunity to see how the discussed methods are applied and try them themselves during experiential visits to companies and preparing their research work. The program maintains a balance between theory and practice, examining the latest research and specific business cases and experiences.

What will you learn?

After completing the module, you will be able to identify and model business processes, visualize the flow of process activities, identify and analyze problems using diagrams. You will learn how to use business improvement measures and tools, gain experience in examining real cases of business process improvement and solving challenges arising in organizations, you will be able to identify the most important processes to be improved, choose suitable methods of improvement, and predict the financing and time planning of such projects.

Main topics

Main topics of the module:

  • Introduction to business process management
  • Identification and specification of business processes
  • Assessment of business process management. Indicator systems.
  • Latest trends in process management in Denmark. Industry 4.0
  • Process improvement practices in Lithuania
  • Innovation, creativity, processes
  • Automation of processes
  • Discipline in process improvement
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