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Strategic Management

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Studying in this module, you will learn how to create and implement long-term business strategies covering the entire organization. You will develop your ability to think and make decisions strategically. You will learn to build an organization that boasts exceptional results.
Benas Adomavičius
Head of Module
Strategic Management
The objective of the module
The goal of the ISM Strategic Management module is to help managers understand the answers to 3 essential questions: What is business strategy? How to create it? And how to successfully implement it?
Why should you choose this module?
A strong grasp of strategy is a prerequisite for senior and middle management. Founders of a new business discover in it the principles of competition and ways to increase the probability of success of a young company.
Module results
After completing the module, managers are able to clearly formulate their business strategy, create a new strategy for the entire business or part of the business, organize the implementation of the strategy and understand their role in it
1 semester
2024 m. spring
Details about the module
About module
What will you learn?
Main topics
About module

About module 


A 14-year study of companies operating in Lithuania showed that only 0.3% of them are able to increase turnover by 20% or more per year for at least 6 years in a row. Achieving an exceptional result is possible only by focusing the efforts of the entire organization on the achievement of several key goals. Goals that cannot be achieved by one year, one team or one department. The ability to identify and focus efforts on the organization's long-term goals has become especially important now that most managers are focused on short-term survival. The fundamental question "how to compete successfully?" remains particularly relevant.  


During the module, all the main areas that make up the content of strategic management are analyzed: from strategic thinking and strategy development to its implementation. During the module, a broad understanding of the organization and its environment is formed, helping managers to better understand their organizations. Taking into account the current situation, we will pay additional attention to the long-term strategy in conditions of uncertainty, i.e. how to plan actions in an environment where significant changes are taking place. 


The basis of the strategic management module is the analysis of business situations. Based on them, essential issues of strategic management, best practices and theories are understood and experienced. During the discussions, the application of strategic management concepts and theories to solving real business problems is considered, and an opportunity is created to reveal your strategic thinking.  


The module promotes a deep and creative understanding and solution of strategic problems. Acquired knowledge is also applied in practice - in electronic business simulation and research work. During the simulation, competing teams of module participants aim to become market leaders and use not only the knowledge learned in the module, but also all their experience. During the module, groups of three people carry out a research (consulting) project, during which they solve a real strategic problem of the organization of one of the group members, using the knowledge acquired during the module. 


Module participants are an integral part of the learning experience. During the discussions, we encourage each participant to share their insights, thoughts and experiences. Learning becomes an opportunity to reflect on one's own experience and gain knowledge from other business managers operating in Lithuania. The module is intended for you if you are involved in the development or implementation of a business strategy.  


What will you learn?

What will you learn? 


After completing the module: 

  • You will understand how to create and implement a business strategy; 
  • You will learn to look at the organization as a whole - a system of related activities, while not forgetting essential details; 
  • Knowledge of strategic management and acquired practical skills will allow business to be developed or expanded; 
  • You will achieve a competitive advantage by learning to discover, analyze and exploit the company's advantages and opportunities; 
  • Analyzing the examples and practices of the world's leading companies will allow you to apply the most effective solutions to your situations. 
Main topics

Main topics of the module:

  • Introduction to Strategic Management Module. Definition of strategy
  • Basics of the strategy:
    • Business unit (competitive) strategy
    • Corporate (business group) strategy
    • Strategic thinking
  • Strategy development:
    • Strategy planning process
    • Business ethics and social responsibility in strategic management
    • Formulation of the organization's mission, vision and goals
    • Tools for analyzing the external environment of the organization
    • Internal organizational analysis tools
    • Formation and selection of strategic alternatives
    • Strategy formation in small and entrepreneurial organizations
  • Implementation of the strategy:
    • Initiating strategic changes in organizations
    • Strategy implementation tools
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