Master of Management (MM)

Executive Rhetoric and Communication

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The ability to communicate well, resolve conflicts, inspire the team and charismatically present the vision of the organization is an important part of the role of a manager. In this module, we cover everything from public speaking to negotiation, skills that successful managers need every day.
Prof. dr. Vita Akstinaitė
Head of Module
Executive Rhetoric and Communication
The objective of the module
The purpose of this module is to understand the principles of effective communication in organizations, to learn how to use your communication skills to achieve results, and to expand your leadership skills with the help of effective communication
Why should you choose this module?
This module is for you if you want to use communication as an effective tool in your work to communicate with employees, colleagues, customers and other stakeholders. This module is designed for people who want to develop their leadership communication skills and knowledge and strengthen their leadership skills.
Module results
After completing this module, you will be able to get to know yourself better as a manager, you will discover your individual communication style and its application in work activities and communication with others, you will learn how to use various communication tools in personal and organizational spheres, and use communication as a useful tool for improving organizational processes.
1 semester
2023 m. autumn
Details about the module
About module
What will you learn?
Main topics
About module

About module 


Excellent communication skills are mandatory for successful leadership. What are the characteristics of effective communicators and how do influential leaders communicate with staff and stakeholders? What is needed to inspire others, promote new ideas or communicate in difficult situations? How can you position yourself as a leader through inclusive communication? 


In manager communication, the key elements are the manager (expression, presentation), other people (environment, team) and context (situation, organization). The focus of this module is effective communication. The module covers many of the fundamental areas and functions of management and leadership, but through the prism of communication.  



What will you learn?

What will you learn? 


During the module, you will develop your communication skills and become an authentic, effectively communicating manager. 


This module covers (but is not limited to) the following topics: 

  • Using game theory to create teamwork and a creative company community; 
  • Understanding and practicing the main elements of communication: persuasion, linguistic expressions, checking assumptions, listening, feedback, conflict resolution and authentic selfexpression; 
  • Application of various strategies and leadership communication tools to improve organizational processes; 
  • Understanding and improving your personal communication strengths and weaknesses. 
Main topics

Main topics of the module:

  • Elements of communication and presentation skills
  • Communication in live and virtual organizational space
  • Authentic leadership communication
  • Communication in difficult situations: conflict resolution, crisis management, feedback
  • Communication at various levels (teams, boards)
  • Persuasion and negotiation strategies
  • Development of charismatic communication
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2024 M.
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