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Financial strategy and management

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This module is intended for managers seeking to modernize their approach to corporate financial management and strategy development by moving away from the traditional approach characterized by the principle of cost reduction and moving towards a value-enhancing financial strategy that ensures long-term business sustainability.
Dr. Tamara Mauricė
Head of Module
Financial strategy and management
The objective of the module
The module aims to help business owners and managers identify The module aims to help business owners and managers identify financial solutions that ensure maximum benefits for the business.
Why should you choose this module?
The module is intended for business owners and managers of various levels, whose ability to analyze and evaluate the financial condition of the business and make financial decisions, taking into account the modern context and taking advantage of the latest opportunities provided by the financial markets, will increase the value of the business and the company.
Module results
After completing the module, you will be able to choose the most suitable financial strategy for your organization, understanding how to invest profits, knowing traditional and latest financial instruments and possible financial risks.
1 semester
2023 m. autumn
Details about the module
About module
What will you learn?
Main topics
About module

About module 


The content of the module is relevant not only for finance managers: the chosen philosophy of the company's financial strategy must be clearly understood by all company chains, thus increasing the synergy of individual company segments in the value creation process.  


The basis of the module includes the essential aspects of financial management - the evaluation of business financing alternatives and the selection of investment strategies. Within the context of these essential guidelines, the module develops the topics of business valuation, financial risk, cash flow planning, value allocation, financial technology (FinTech) and business development through mergers and acquisitions. The taught subjects examine the solutions to not only today's but also tomorrow's business financial challenges with the help of theoretical and methodological knowledge formed by science and the latest financial market opportunities.  


In the module, you learn by solving real business problems, evaluating the latest available financial instruments, combining financial theory and the ever-changing practical business environment.  


When preparing a group research paper, study participants have the opportunity to solve a practical problem of a company or an individual investor that concerns them, for example, choosing the optimal investment alternative; determine the factors affecting the value of the company's shares; to form optimal financial risk reduction measures 


The participants of the module not only acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge of financial management, but are also introduced to the broader context of financial topics, learn to solve real financial business challenges during practical tasks, discuss with theorists and practitioners of financial strategy and management. 



What will you learn?

What will you learn? 


The module provides not only the necessary theoretical knowledge of financial management, but also introduces students to the real challenges of business finance. One of the most important challenges of any business - the lack of resources - becomes even more relevant during the crisis. With limited resources, we must be sure that we choose the projects that increase the economic value the most and reject useless alternatives. During the lectures, we learn different project evaluation methods that help ensure the adoption of decisions that create the greatest value. 


In addition, in the face of challenges, we are more prone to make irrational decisions that can have a long-term impact on the business. By studying the topics of Behavioral Finance, we learn the anatomy of decision-making, the biases that influence our decision-making process, and learn to recognize and control them. 


After completing the module, you will be able to solve essential financial questions: how to properly attract funds and effectively invest the accumulated profit? How to evaluate alternatives for financial solutions and optimally use traditional and latest financial instruments, taking into account the chosen business model? How to assess possible risks in order to expand business in international markets? How to control and prevent possible employee financial fraud in the company, thus ensuring a more sustainable business development model? What opportunities do financial technologies and innovations provide for business today? Why do most business mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver the intended synergistic benefits? How to recognize irrational financial decisions and reduce their negative impact on business? 

Main topics

Main topics of the module:

  • Module introduction. Evolution of financial markets and corporate finance
  • Management of companies
  • Types of companies. Stock exchanges
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Methods of evaluating investment projects
  • Determining the value of the company
  • Alternatives to the choice of capital structure
  • Working capital management
  • Working capital management
  • Short-term financing solutions
  • Long-term financing solutions
  • Net profit distribution decisions
  • Company financial risk management solutions
  • Features of financial management of international companies
  • Investments in securities and their evaluation
  • Business mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial decision-making in the context of behavioral finance and psychology
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