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Finance and Managerial Decision Making: creating Value

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The pandemic highlighted the financial problems of companies and prmpted them to revise their strategies. These areas will continue to require special attention from managers, looking for opportunities to justify decisions and predict their impact on the business. The participants of this module acquire specific tools, learn to ask the right questions and get answers about the cost of products, profitability, company cash flows, investment needs, payback, the impact of the decisions made on the business value - this allows them to more quickly assess the impact of changes on the company's financial results, ensuring the company's viability and business value creation even in difficult times of uncertainty.
Dr. Dalia Kolmatsui
Head of Module
Finance and Managerial Decision Making: creating Value
The objective of the module
The purpose of the module is to respond to the needs of managers who are rising up the career ladder. They often need to obtain basic knowledge of financial management, at the same time to deepen their cost analysis skills, and then to apply them when making decisions on the evaluation of investment projects and increasing business value.
Why should you choose this module?
The module is intended for managers who have ascended their career ladder without completing specialized management and finance studies and became company leaders as excellent specialists in their field, but still lack the financial knowledge needed by managers. The module is not intended for financial management professionals or those company managers who have already completed advanced finance studies.
Module results
After completing the module, you will understand how to make management decisions that allow you to increase the value of the company, based not on intuition, but on management accounting information.
1 semester
2024 m. spring
Details about the module
About module
What will you learn?
Main topics
About module

During the module, you will acquire basic knowledge of financial management, which will allow you to analyze company balance sheets, profit and loss, cash flow reports, and you will also accumulate methodological knowledge that will help you not to make mistakes when evaluating individual company divisions, products and their portfolio, as well as the costs and profitability of services, projects or works. and value to the company. You will learn what cost and efficiency criteria are applied in different situations: what is better - to produce yourself or to buy from outside, using limited production capacities and aiming to optimize the product portfolio?


What will you learn?

After completing the module, you will understand how to make management decisions that allow you to increase the value of the company, based not on intuition, but on management accounting information. You will learn to analyze financial indicators, you will be able to evaluate financial indicators in the context of other company indicators, based on the system of balanced indicators. You will understand how to evaluate the profitability of investment projects, as well as get acquainted with the methods of tax optimization and internal pricing.

Main topics

Main topics of the module:

  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Cost information for management decisions
  • Cost accounting methods and cost allocation to products
  • Activity costing methods (ABC and TDABC)
  • Evaluation of investment projects
  • Business financial planning (budgeting)
  • Management accounting solutions based on the theory of constraints (TOC)
  • Measuring the financial performance of a company
  • Strategy implementation control system
  • Internal pricing (Transfer pricing)
  • Tax optimization solutions
  • Corporate governance
  • Methods of determining the value of companies
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2024 M.
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